PIC Number


ECAS account

To register yourself through the European Commission . Authentication Service (ECAS) in order to access the IT tools of the Participant Portal  

PIC number

The 9-digit Participant Identification Code is used to identify organisations throughout the different steps of a project's lifecycle.  


Erasmus+ is open to many individuals and organisations, although eligibility varies from one action to another and from one country to another.

Registering your organisation at Participant Portal .
Before applying for any of the actions of Erasmus+, all organisations (as applicant or and a partner) MUST be registered at the Participants Portal.
Please note that if your organisation is already registered, you SHOULD NOT register it again.

Step 1. First, search your organization in the Database in case you have registered before for any other EU funded programme. Enter the title of organisation in English, fill in captcha code and search. In case your organisation has previously been registered for any other EU programmes (Research Framework or other), it will appear in the list.

Step 2. Create an EU Login (formerly ECAS) account (unless the person representing the organisation/group already has an account). New accounts can be created via the following website:

Step 3. Access the Participant Portal at http://ec.europa.eu/education/participants/portal/desktop/en/organisations/register.html, click on “Funding and Tender Opportunities Portal” link, open “How to Participate” menu and choose “Participant register” tab. Register your organisation with your EU Login account details and get your unique 9-digit Participant Identification Code (PIC). We recommend checking first if your organisation already has a PIC and that you read the Participant Portal User Manual before you register. You PIC status can be SLEEPING, VALIDATED or DECLARED. Your organisation cannot apply for Erasmus+ funding if your PIC is in SLEEPING mode. Please make sure to have your PIC VALIDATED when applying for Erasmus+ funding or provide your VALIDATED PIC to your applicant organisation.

For practical details on how to use the Participant Portal, please consult the following presentation:
- Legal entity form and its annexes for all the partners
- Financial identification form duly completed and certified by the bank – for applicant organisation only
- Financial capacity form including Profit and loss accounts and the Balance sheet for the last two approved accounting periods (only for applicant – private organisations)
- VAT registration or Certificate of VAT Exception

If your organisation has several PICs (for e.g., several departments have simultaneously registered before) or you have not found the LEAR (contact person responsible for PIC) in your organization or you have any other technical questions, please contact the following email:



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National Authority for Natural Scienecs Research and Technology 
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Email: neo@erasmusplus.ly 
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