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This publication clarifies some facts and figures about the activities of the Erasmus+ program in Libya and some statistics related to higher education institutions, students and professors. It also includes data on technical education and its institutions.




On 15 October 2020, Erasmus-Day  activities conducted by the NEO Libya. The event was considered as important meeting by presence of a number of members of local Municipal Council in Misratah, heads of Libyan universities, Ministry of Education representatives, Research centers directors, Foreign affairs representative, the head of Libyan General authority of information and the committee members, and the importance of presence of the National Quality and Accreditation Center in addition to the participation of interested people and specialists in higher education and policy reform.

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Libya Restart Report

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E-Learning policy 

E-learning committee was established by a decision of the Minister of Education to organise E-learning policies in higher education sector in Libya. Its aim is to issue a regulating process for the e-learning and distance education in higher education institutions. The committee members are:

Dr. Mohamed El Attug 

Dr. Ali Bakeer

National Erasmus+ Office 

Dr. Jamal Elfurdagh

Adviser to Ministery of Education 

Dr. Mosbah Talbi

Universities adminstrative departement 

Dr. Tawfik Ajaal

Adviser to QAA

Dr. Ali Assaieh


Mr. Alsaddeeq Abushihiwah

Legal Adviser 

Dr. Mohamed Erhaiem

Sebha University 

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